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County Update

By Sue Lemon Holwell Sports Bowls Club

Wednesday, 15 April 2020


Holwell Sports Bowls Club Contributor


Hi All,

This note is to bring you up to date with a few things regarding Bowls Leicestershire’s response to COVID-19 and the 2020 bowling season as we know so far. As we said at the start of this shutdown, all outdoor bowling has ceased until at least the end of June when we will review the rest of the season under the Government guidance and direction from Bowls England.

County Presidents: It has now been decided that the Section County Presidents for 2020 will continue to hold Office through 2021 which is in-line with the Bowls England. This will mean that in 2021 the Men’s Junior and Senior Vice Presidents will remain in post through 2021 thereby moving their Presidential year on one year. As at present the Ladies Section does not have either a Junior or Senior Vice President, and it is unclear what will happen in 2022. However, if there is a Lady member who would be interested in taking on this role I’m sure Alison Johnson (Ladies Hon Secretary) would be very pleased to discuss it with you.

Competitions entry fees: As we have already stated, all County Competition fees will be refunded to members for 2020. This is quite a complex situation as some competitions are linked to the National Championships run by Bowls England and some are entirely County run. Also some competitions are entered by individual members and some by clubs. To keep this as simple as possible the County will refund all competition fees AFTER Bowls England have refunded the County with their component of the National Competition fees.

Capitation fees: All capitation fees paid to both Bowls England the County will be refunded. Once again, Bowls England have stated that all Capitation fees paid via the Counties to them will be refunded to the Counties. The Capitation fees for 2020 paid by the clubs to the County was £10/member (£5 to Bowls England and £5 to the County). The process for the refund will be the same as the Competition fees, AFTER Bowls England refund their Capitation fees to the County we will refund both Bowls England and the County fees directly to the clubs.

Refund method: Due to the large amount of funds involved, the County will wait until Bowls England has refunded to the County all the Capitation Fees and all County Competition Fees before making one refund per club of all amounts due.

The refunds to ALL CLUBS will be made using a BANK TRANSFER by County Treasurer, Frank Barrett, and will involve ONE TRANSFER AMOUNT ONLY per club. A summary showing the capitation fees amount and competition fees amount separately for men and ladies will be sent by the County Treasurer by email to each club, so that each Club Treasurer / Club Secretary is able to check that the correct amount has been refunded.

To enable the County Treasurer, to make these refunds, it will be necessary for every Club Treasurer / Club Secretary to send him, by email, their club’s BANK DETAILS, showing the Full Account Name, Sort code and Account Number of the Account into which the club wants the refund to go. PLEASE SEND these BANK DETAILS to: [email protected]

Just to finish, I would like to remind everybody that we have a Corona virus page on our website which we will be updating as new information comes in so please check regularly, and please stay safe.

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Sue Lemon

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41 Welby Road, Asfordby Hill, Asfordby Hill, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE14 3RD


Additional Information

Once at Holwell Sports and Leisure Club (Stute), park at far end of car park and enter through the gate leading to Football field. Turn right and go to wooden gate facing you and enter into bowls club.