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County / National Info.

At the Men’s Management Committee meeting on 12 April it was decided to amend the rules for Bowls Leicestershire Men’s County Competitions in accordance with Bowls England competition rules during the current Covid situation.

Please ensure that any players entering these competitions from your Club are aware of these changes. 

Fours:  2 woods 15 ends

Senior Fours: 2 woods 15 ends

Triples: 2 woods 18 ends         

County 2 wood Triples and Nationals

Pairs: 3 woods 18 ends   

Under 25 pairs. National, mixed & over 60's

All Singles Competitions remain the same

County club and Unbadged Competition:

Double rink 2 woods 15 ends

With the normal tie break situation. 

Please ring your respective Group Secretary as soon as you get a result so the website can be kept up to date and everyone is aware of the results.

if your game is postponed due to bad weather, please ring me as soon as possible as going past a date could lead to expulsion. 

With thanks 

Steve Beamish

Bowls Leicestershire Men’s Competition Secretary.

07913 126588

[email protected]









County Update | November 1st 2021

Welcome to a special edition of County Update.

As we now start to look ahead to 2022 season many of you will now be starting to prepare your internal calendars for the forthcoming year.

We will be reviewing the rules and regulations during the next couple of months to reflect the changes to competition formats in 2022, and we aim to have this complete by the end of the year.

We would like to highlight a few points to assist you in preparing for the season.

Bowls England Regulation: No. 50 Approved April 2021

1. Bowls England National Championships

1.2 All County Championships leading to National Championships shall be played either on weekdays in the evenings with a start time no earlier than 6pm or at weekends. For weekday games an earlier start may be arranged by mutual agreement between competitors, but in the absence of mutual agreement the start time of no earlier than 6pm shall be adhered to.


When arranging dates and booking venues please note that all weekday matches are to be played during the evening with a start time no earlier than 6pm. Matches can be played during the day on weekdays but this will be down to the players to mutually agree between themselves once the draws have been published. Matches arranged at weekends can be at any time of the day – suggested start time no earlier than 9.30am nor later than 6.30pm. The above ruling applies to all championships under the jurisdiction of Bowls England and applies to all rounds including final stages and county finals.

Bowls England Regulation: No. 50 Approved April 2021

1. Bowls England National Championships

1.9 Each entry shall be made by one named player only, and that player shall be excluded from being a substitute in the same discipline.

When collecting entries for National Championships, you only need to collect one name upon entry and not all the names within the team. This provides greater flexibility to players, especially given the length of time between point of entry and the start of events.


Bowls England Regulation: No. 50 Approved April 2021

1. Bowls England National Championships

1.8 The Administrator of each County Association shall forward to Bowls England, the number of entrants in each of the Championships, together with the relevant entry fees as determined by Bowls England, by the 1st March in the year of the competition.

Forms will be issued to counties early next year.

We trust this update is of assistance. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We would also appreciate any promotion you can give the National Competitions entries, when they go live, on your own websites and social media channels.

If you have any questions on the above, please email [email protected] or [email protected] and they will respond in due course.