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Social 2022 All TBA

The Club offers a variety of social and club events throughout the year.  All dates to be arranged for 2021 season.

Club Activities

  • Saturday March : Tea Rota Meeting, 2pm at the Stute
  • Wednesday April:  Cleaning Day: 9/9.30am start.
  • Wednesday th April: Cleaning Day 9/9.30am start. 
  • Saturday 23rd April: Green Opening see Notice Board:   
  • Saturday th/Sunday th May: Open Weekend.
  • Friday th May: Chummy followed by cobs and sausage rolls. See Notice Board. Raffle Prizes Please.
  • Saturday June th: Asfordby Fete & Cake Stall.  Cakes please.. To be confirmed.
  • Sunday th June:  Alex Whittaker Trophy 2pm hosted by Anne.  See Notice Board.  Raffle Prizes Please.
  • Friday th June: Men V Ladies + Bring and Share supper.  See Notice Board.  Raffle Prizes Please.
  • Saturday th July: President's Day:  2pm. See Notice Board for details.  Raffle Prizes Please.
  • Friday th July: Chummy and Nibbles Night.  See Notice Board .  Raffle Prizes Please.
  • Friday st July: Chummy and Fishnchip supper
  • Saturday th August: Crazy Bowls Afternoon and Buffet.  See Notice Board.  Raffle Prizes Please.
  • Friday st August:  Quiz Night and supper.  See Notice Board for details.  Raffle Prizes Please.
  • Monday 5th September to Friday 9th September President's Tour.
  • Every Monday 2pm to 4pm U3A and Chummy other than public holidays. Tea & Biscuits.
  • Every Friday 6.15pm: weather permitting. Chummy. See Chummy info over leaf and watch notice board.
  • Friday nd/th May &  th/th June, Play Bowls follow up. 6pm to 8pm for new members.
  • Friday 7th October: Presentation Night: at the Stute 6 for 6.30pm. Raffle Prizes Please. 
  • Friday 14th October: AGM at Club House 7pm.

* A Chummy is a club fun night. *

Club Events (Chummy)

See Notice Board for Details and to Sign up to come along.  We can only go ahead with your support.

Raffle Prizes Please for Supper Nights.

May st:     Snakes and Ladders, see Notice Board

May th:   Out of Hat + cobs etc, see Notice Board

May nd:  Play Bowls + Out of Hat

May th:   Play Bowls + Pairs see Notice Board

June th:     Play Bowls + Out of Hat

June th:   Play Bowls + Triples see Notice Board

June th:    Men v Women + Bring  and Share    Supper  see Notice Board

July th:     Fours + Nibbles See Notice Board   

July st:      Out of Hat + FishnChips supper.

August th:  Snakes and Ladders see Notice Board