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Men's Competitions

Men's Club Singles 21 Shots

Play by 25/6 Play by 25/7 Play by 07/08 Play on Finals Day 28/08

George Butler v Fred Thorpe

Harold Cramp w/o v Cliff Thompson

Harold Cramp 

Byron James v  Brian Rippin

Brian Rippin

Simon Hall v Chris Rodgers

Phil Hardy v Eric Faulconbridge

Alan Tipper v Dennis Hopkinson

Peter Orridge v Geoff Rudkin

Men's Novice Singles

Play by 25/06 Play by 07/08 Finals Day 28/08

George Butler v Geoff Rudkin

Eddie Pearson v Peter Orridge

Harold Cramp v Fred Thorpe

Eric Faulconbridge v Clive Underwood

Men's 2 Wood Singles 21 Ends

Play by 25/06 Play by 25/07 Play by 07/08 Column 4

Cliff Thompson v Harold Cramp

Harold Cramp w/o

Phil Hardy v Dennis Hopkinson

Phil Hardy

Peter Orridge v Byron James

Alan Tipper v Simon Hall

Eddie Pearson v Brian Rippin

Mens Pairs

Play by 25/06 Play by 07/08 Finals Day 28/08

Peter Orridge & Clive Underwood



Dennis Hopkinson & Geoff Rudkin



Eddie Pearson & Eric Faulconbridge



Alan Tipper & Harold Cramp

Byron James & Brian Rippin



Phil Hardy & Reg Jackson



Fred Thorpe & Bill Patterson