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Australian Pairs League 2022

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Newbies bye

Wombats v Wickers

T'Devils v Presidentials

Busy Bees v Pebble Boys

5th May

Wickers v Newbies

Presidentials v Wombats

Pebble Boys v T'Devils

Busy Bees bye

12th May

Newbies v Presidentials

Wombats v Pebble Boys

T'Devils v Busy Bees

Wickers bye

19th May

Pebble Boys v Newbies

Busy Bees v Wombats

T' Devils bye

Presidentials v Wickers

26th May

 Newbies v Busy Bees

Wombats v T'Devils

Wickers v Pebble Boys

Presidentials bye

25th August

T'Devils v Newbies

Wombats bye

Busy Bees v Wickers

Pebble Boys v Presidentials

22nd September

Newbies v Wombats

Wickers v T'Devils

Presidentials v Busy Bees

Pebble Boys bye